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Everything you need to know about

your rights and choices when someone dies.

We are a non-profit and rely entirely on public donations.

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We expect it to be fully functional in early 2025.

What to do if....


Immediate Need

Someone is dying or already gone and you need info right now.



You want to know what the options are once you are gone.



You are interested in broader subjects of death, grieving, and death care.


Legacy Member

You are a member of a closed Funeral Consumer Alliance organization


Frauds & Scams

You want to learn about known dangers in the death care arena.



You would like to know about current laws and potential changes affecting your protections and freedoms.

“Life's End Options is a treasure trove that helped
me and my parents plan for the inevitable.”


We are volunteers with a nonprofit helping people understand the full range of options we have in planning and arranging for the disposition of our bodies after we die and associated ceremonies. We aim to inform the public on our rights in interacting with the deathcare industry and to sound the alarm about known scams and fraud in the industry.  We also intend to work with legislatures and regulatory agencies for more options and better consumer protections  related to the deathcare industry.


We hope you can find answers on this site. As volunteers, we have limited times when we can answer the phone, but we will try to help when we can.

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